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‡ a field guide to the world of tomorrow ‡

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12 dna strands, agartha, agharta, alchemy, aliens, alternative healing, alternative medicine, alternative science, ancient civilizations, ancient egyptians, ancient greek, ancient history, ancient religions, annunaki, apocalyptic fantasies, apocrypha, archangels, astral projection, astrology, astronomy, atlantis, avocado, biblical hebrew, biology of transcendence, buddhism, burning churches, chaos, child abuse, christian origins, communication with the dead, communion, complex partial seizures, conspiracy, conspiracy theories, crystals, demonology, dna activation, dreaming, dreams, early christianity, egyptian mythology, enki, enlightenment, epilepsy, equal rights, extraterrestrial souls, extraterrestrials, faith, fasting, fate, forgotten realms, free thought, freedom, gemstones, genetics, gnosis, gnosticism, goddess, graffiti, grail lore, heredity, higher consciousness, illuminati, imaginary friends, insomnia, intelligence, japan, knowledge, languages, lemuria, lucid dreaming, magic, mammoth cave, manaus, manna, meditation, mescaline, metaphysics, monatomic gold, monatomic minerals, monatomics, mount epomeo, mount shasta, mu, museums, mysteries, mystery religions, myths, naps, nature, nefilim, nephilim, nerves, neurology, nibiru, non-humans, nudity, orgone, orme, ormus, pain, physics, planets, politics, primitive religion, prophecy, psi, psychic energy, pyramids, quetzalcoatl, rapture, reading, redheads, religion, religious studies, research, rituals, running away, sacred geometry, sacred texts, sasquatch, seizure disorders, seizures, shamballa, sleep disorders, space exploration, spiritual awakening, spirituality, star trek, stillness, sudden death, sudep, sumer, sustainable living, swordmakers, synchronicity, telekinesis, telepathy, temporal lobe epilepsy, the past, truth, ufo's, urban exploration, virginity, white gold, yeren, zen, ziggurats, ,