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Though each organism represents a totality, it is at the same time… - ‡ a field guide to the world of tomorrow ‡ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 16th, 2005|02:40 am]
[mood |deviouson the prowl]

Though each organism represents a totality, it is at the same time part of a larger whole. Sometimes in nature the part carries with it a memory of the whole, an inner longing for a union with the whole. And so it can be with certain human beings. The journey to bridge the abyss that separates the past from the present is a quest to transform the present -- and thus the future. It is not political in nature, nor could it ever be. It is defined by eternal values & divine principles. Nothing about it is determined by the temporal. It is not a quest for everyone, but for the elect who feel it's calling in their very blood.

The self seeks union with the soul, & the soul yearns to regain it's lost/forgotten territories. The instinctual awareness that such things are possible has served as a fundamental driving force for certain men down the centuries -- nay, millenia. Poets, philosophers, & mystics have searched for the means to somehow achieve these goals, and awaken in man the ancestral memory that might serve as a nexus between man and the divine. The memory is there. The quest to awaken it follows a path that leads through fire & water, forrests of symbols, & initiatory ordeals not written of in books.

(Boyd Rice - The Vessel of 'God')